Jerk Chicken

You can find a host of good recipes for Jerk Chicken on the net these days and most of them are pretty useful and will have you cooking a good portion of Jerk Chicken, but what if you want to cook Great Jerk Chicken? To do that you need to know the 5 secrets of Great Jerk Chicken. It is not hard, the secrets are not rocket science but they are too often ignored because people think "will it really matter?" , well yes it will if you want great jerk chicken.

5 Secrets of great Jerk Chicken

  1. Good Chicken. Buy the best chicken you can afford. It should be free range and not show any signs of stress. Poulet de Bresse or similar is probably a bit extreme but you must have good chicken that will be moist when cooked and taste of chicken
  2. Good spices. If that Jar of Jerk seasoning has been lurking in your cupboard for a few months then throw it away it will be stale, you might as well spice it with grit. You can make your own freshly ground Jerk Seasoning using our Jerk Seasoning recipe or you can buy good Jerk Seasonings from specialist Caribbean stores or you can buy our Jerk Seasoning online, we prepare our seasonings using the freshest spices and enhance their natural flavours with toasting and careful grinding so you can be sure of a great product which is hassle free for busy cooks. Click here to buy our Jerk Seasoning.
  3. Marinate the chicken in your Jerk Marinade for at least 24 hours and up to 72 hours for maximum flavour
  4. Careful Cooking. Jerk Chicken should be cooked on a charcoal grill for maximum flavour. This presents a few obstacles to inexperienced BBQ cooks. You can easily burn the chicken if the coals are too hot which will destroy all the spice flavour. Make sure the coals are grey and the heat not too fierce. Cook the chicken, turning occasionally and serve as soon as it is cooked. Overcook and it will dry out. I aim for 72 degrees in the centre for breast and 80C for thighs and drumsticks, any salmonella will be killed and the chicken will not be too dry.
  5. Good company. Jerk Chicken is finger food, you want that chicken grease running down your fingers and you will want to lick it off. Have good friends around who know how to enjoy life and the chicken will taste twice as good

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